Mythic Morgans

Our Horse Experience

CeAnn's Morgan horse related background has been predominately from the 'show' horse perspective, though since 1990, her orientation has been more 'sport' horse. She's been involved with Morgans, one way or another, since the early 70's. She spent her teenage years boarding and showing the various horses she owned (including a Morgan) from a Morgan breeding and show barn in Michigan.
While in college working on various degrees (and horseless), she spent weekends, holidays and summers at that same farm working and showing many of their homebred Morgans, weanlings to four years old, while the farm owners concentrated on training horses for clients. She competed all over Michigan and in Ohio on the 'A' Morgan show circuit with English, western and hunter pleasure horses under saddle and in-hand. Purchased a Morgan gelding (Louie) in 1987, whom she trained and showed successfully Classic, hunter and western pleasure as well as pleasure driving, in-hand, carriage driving and western performance.
After moving to Maryland in 1990, she found that easily reachable Morgan shows were few and far between, and generally did not fit her work schedule, so she switched to carriage driving and other open shows with a bit of dressage, reining and competitive trail thrown into the mix. She had the pleasure of training and successfully competing Battersea Chancellor in carriage and combined driving as a single before he was sold to become part of Mimi Thorington's champion combined driving pair driven by Lisa Singer.

Del, as a child, learned to ride in England. His family owned horses on and off for a number of years, but due to the frequency with which they moved, they didn't have any of the horses for too long. At the end of his father's military career, they were able to keep horses on a regular basis. Del often describes his role as chief horse 'wrangler', as he was often called upon to 'hold down' or catch the horses the family owned. While he didn't ride often himself, the rest of the family was involved primarily in field hunting, hacking and polo using off-the-track thoroughbreds and the occasional Quarter Horse/something cross. CeAnn introduced Del to Morgans in 1991. He was immediately attracted to their tractability (old horse "wranglers" never forget!) as well as the intelligence, athleticism and beauty of the breed.

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