Mythic Morgans

One of these lovely Morgans could be your next competition horse and best buddy! Most are by our multi-champion stallion, Mythic Aladdin and out of exceptionally nice mares.

Updated Sept 2008

Mythic Honabe (Mythic Aladdin x Hollybrook Natasha)
2000 bay mare
Honabe is a big, strong, proud, up-headed bay with a near perfect star, strip and snip. She has correct, powerful gaits and a strong sense of herself. This is also a mare who will be very competitive in the sport horse disciplines. At 15.3, she has the substance to go with it, with a broad chest, deep heart girth and wide, round hindquarter.

After loosing her dam unexpectedly, we’ve been sitting on the fence about keeping this mare. It is hard to find the combination of substance, elegance, power and conformation in a larger Morgan that Honabe offers. Her dam is by Waseeka’s Endeavor and out of Shaker’s Velora, both programs known for breeding athletic horses. Honabe has been started under saddle but needs time put in to finishing her. She’s a lovely mover and has the jumping talent to make an excellent eventer. Honabe is offered at $7,500.

Honabe Under Saddle Winter 2004 Honabe Under Saddle Winter 2004
Photos from 2004
Honabe conformation Fall 2002 Honabe conformation Fall 2002
Photos from 2002

Mythic Lasair (Mythic Hyperion x April Meridian)
2004 medium chestnut filly
This pretty, flashy filly exhibits her sabino genes with a large connected star, strip, snip; separate lip spots and a pair of matching tall hind socks. Lasair has sport horse superstar written from nose to tail! She is bred to be an eye catching athlete. Her sire and dam are both spectacular movers and she has inherited their movement. Lasair has the suspension and cadence needed for a top dressage horse, the elegant and fluid movement for a top hunter, the courage and boldness needed for a top eventer as well as the rhythm and level headedness needed for a top carriage horse. We expect this pretty girl to mature well over 15 hands as both the sire and dam are over 15.2. As Lasair continues to grow and mature, she is everything and more than we expected. Better to buy this filly now before you end up competing against her! Lasair has also been backed and is ready for more training. Offered to a competitive home at $5,500.

Lasair - conformation June 2005 Lasair face
Photos from 2005
Mera's 2004 filly @ 1 days Mera's filly @ 1 days
Photos from 2004

Mythic Mitra (MEMC Tequila Cuervo x Hollybrook Natasha)
2005 palomino colt
We had planned on keeping this colt, but in the interest of reducing the number of horses, he has been added to the sales list. We will be keeping either he or his maternal half sister Honabe, so once one sells, the other will be off the sales list. Mitra is a laid back, tractable colt who naturally sits and engages when he moves. He has beautiful correct movement with a free shoulder and good articulation of his joints. He’ll make a lovely dressage, combined training and/or driving horse. Already 15.1 hands we expect him to finish at 15.3. Ready to start under saddle, Mitra is offered at $6,500. Get him now before his price goes up with training!

Pictures to come soon

Mythic Nike (Mythic Hyperion x W-B Bedazzlemint)
2006 bay filly
This is one very nice filly! Her neck comes out of the top of her withers. And talk about a beautiful, laid back shoulder, short back, long hip ... WOW! This elegant, feminine filly is everything we’d hoped she’d be when we made this cross. With her lovely proportioned body powered by a turbo-charged motor she simply floats across the ground when she moves. She is as sweet as she is lovely and is already showing how easy to train she will be. Out of our best broodmare, a Beamington granddaughter, we expect Nike to excel at whatever task is asked of her. Nike is offered at $4,500.

Pictures to come soon

Mythic Oden (Robbie Sues Ragtime x Mythic Honabe)
2007 bay colt
This is one HUGE, handsome fella! At six months he was already just a couple inches shorter than our yearling. Oden is a very sweet, very mannerly young man. He has a beautiful, round, four cornered trot. Combine that with the over stride he has at the walk and a lovely, balanced, correct canter and he's sure to be a winner. If you are looking for a future breeding stallion, Oden tested homozygous black and homozygous bay, this colt will not produce anything but bay when bred to black, bay or chestnut mares. As we don't need another stallion, Oden is offered at $5,000. Then again, if he's not scooped up we may just keep him ourselves.

Pictures to come soon

Prices subject to change without notice.

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