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Alecta, the cat has been with us for a number of years now. She is named after one of the Greek furies and the meaning of her name suits her to a T -- she who never rests! She like being an only cat so it has taken some time (years in face LOL) for her to get over having another cat in HER domain.

Alecta cat

Sir Alex cat came to us via Del's oldest son, Darrin. Having been raised in a house of young men, Alex initially had a few attack habits that needed to be broken. Since then he's mostly been a model feline citizen those he does still like to torment Alecta.

Our dog 'pack' currently has two members.

is a happy, friendly dog. We adopted him in 2007 from the Washington Animal Rescue League. They originally thought he was a shepard chow mix but he sure doesn't have many of those breed characteristics! Knowing that he came from Louisianna and after much research, we think that he is instead a Catahoula Leopard Hound mix. If it weren't for his medium length coat, he'd look just like a solid colored purebread!

is Moose's granddaughter. She is very affectionate though a bit on the shy side. At 12, she's the grand old lady of the farm now. Initially, she really wanted us to take Orion back to whereever we had gotten him, but she's since come around to liking him most of the time. :) Bear is a black lab, chow, terrier, sheperd mix.

Moose and Bear
Moose is the smaller dog on the left. Bear is the one on the right with her head on her paws.

our a black lab, chow, terrier mix is greatly missed. He was a wonderful companion as well as a great farm dog.

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