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We have a small breeding farm where we breed wonderful Morgan horses for sport, pleasure and show. All of our horses are handled daily and they each get what ever individual attention they need.

SFG Whitecap, 2009 colt by MEMC Tinseltown out of SFG Lavendar Lace.  Photo by CeAnn Shipley - 2011
The newest member of the farm, SFG Whitecap in his winter woolies January 2011.
Photo by CeAnn Shipley - 2011

NEW The last few years have been a pretty quiet year for the Mythic Morgans here on the farm.
We're happy that our youngsters have found loving homes and proud of their ability to meet their owners's needs from show ring to trail.

Mythic Isara continues her winning ways as she moves up the levels in eventing and dressage. She continues to do well and is usually in the top three or four horses in her division. Rhiannon has been doing a wonderful job bringing her along.

Mythic Juma continues working his way up the levels. Competing at 2nd level, he is doing solid job. Krista is doing an excellent job moving him up the levels

Mythic Freyja, after spending a year and a half with us, is back with her Mom. Rhonda has been enjoying the process of renewing their relationship both on the ground and under saddle. We are pleased to have Freyja's 2020 colt by SFG Infinity and Beyond.

Mythic Indar has been doing very well as a hunter and out on the trails. Often the only Morgan in his classes, he regular places well. When he's not in the show ring, Florence enjoys riding him on the trail.

Mythic Quinevere has gone to SFG Farm in Michigan. Roxanne has been enjoying the sweet nature of this filly.

When we delivered Quinevere, we brought back the cremello colt, SFG White Cap. If all goes as planned, in the next couple years we'll be using Cappy on some of Aladdin's daughters we've kept.

If you have news, photos, an event or a story about your Mythic Morgan you'd like to share, send it to CeAnn to include on the what are they doing now.

Find out where we got those names and the meaning behind them.

Looking for a Morgan? One of these fine Morgans could be your next best friend!

Are you looking for the right stallion for your mare? Consider one of our boys. Both Aladdin and his son, Hyperion, will be standing to outside mares, both Morgan and non-Morgan, via live cover and shipped semen.

A tribute to our foundation mare, Casland Julie, 1979 - 1999

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