Mythic Morgans

Mare Herd and Geldings

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W-B Bedazzlemint
(a.k.a. BeBe) is a lovely bay mare. She's had three foals for us by Aladdin and one by Hyperion. With Feronia having been sold earlier in 2008, CeAnn has been riding this lovely mare. The pair have gotten the kinks worked out of the walk and trot so they are now both smooth, relaxed and flowing. The canter still needs some work on relaxation before it to will be up the the 7 and 8 scores this mare gets on her walk and trot work. Besides going to open shows, she was shown here in her two year old filly class at the Mid-Atlantic Morgan Show. Photo by Howard Schatzberg, 1997

April Meridian
(a.k.a. Mera) Standing over 15.2, Mera is a lovely medium chestnut mare with beautiful flowing gaits and a gentle, loving temperament. Boy, does this mare love to jump! Her first foal, Lasair, by Hyperion is simply stunning! Del has been riding her most of the summer and fall, but she has now gone on maternity leave. This time she is carrying the long awaited foal by Aladdin due in 2009.

Mythic Honabe
Honabe has turned into such a nice mare! She's back to saddle work with the plan that she and Del will do some competing in 2009. This 15.3 hand mare is just the right size to take up Del's long leg. She's proven herself as a good broodmare as her first foal by Robbie Sue's Ragtime is fantastic!

Mythic Larenta
It is a shame that due to a pasture injury this nice, nice mare will not have a career. With her beautiful uphill build, she'd have been a natural for any of the sport disciplines. The performance ring's loss is the the breeding sheds gain. We're expecting a palomino foal sired by SFG Infinity and Beyond from her in 2009. We're very excited about the arrival of this foal.

Mares formerly in our herd.

Hollybrook Natasha
(a.k.a. Holly) is our senior herd mare. Holly is a 15.3 hand (honest), 12 year old, bay mare. Del is excited because we finally have a Morgan big enough for his 6'3" height. Del and Holly have spent this last year together working hard at dressage and jumping. They've completed a couple of dressage schooling shows and received some nice scores in the 60's.

CeAnn calls this one of the 'black mail' pictures -- Del and Holly at their first show together. Holly has been bred for the third time to Aladdin. We expect her to foal the first part of May 1999. Here is a side shot of Holly by her previous owner, Brenda Gruber, 1996

Casland Julie
is our foundation mare. Her pedigree is rich in government/old Vermont blood. Julie had her third foal for us by Windover Regency, June 1998. This little guy (Forseti below) is a real treasure. We are starting our search now for her next (1999) 'husband'. To see a side view of Julie at the MISHR Inspection. Photo by Mary Lind, 1994

Coal Creek Honey Patch
(a.k.a. Honey) as her name implies, is a beautiful golden color and sweet as honey too! She is already Aladdin's 'girlfriend'. Honey's pedigree is rich in working western blood. This is where you can see this 'honey' of a horse before her girth started expanding. Photo by Del, 1996. Here is another picture of Honey very late in her pregnancy. Photo by CeAnn, 1998.
Thanks, Byrdie for letting us lease her.

L S Elizabrass
(a.k.a. Lizzy) Lizzy is another of Aladdin's 'girls'. She loves attention but is shy around the camera. Boy does she have hair to die for! Lizzy's pedigree has a high concentration of Nocturne blood very different from our other mares. Photo of 'Lizzy' and her three week old filly by Aladdin. Lizzy too has found a new Mom and home, with Trish Brown in Maryland. She is expecting a foal by Aladdin in 2003.

Statesmans Espirit
This lovely chestnut mare is back with her owner. She's proven herself as a lovely sport horse and is passing on her wonderful qualities. Espirit had two foals for us, Isara and Ki-Lin. Both fillies have been a dream to work with; they just seem to know what you want of them before you ask. Thanks, Christi and Phyllis for letting us lease her.

Raidence Becky Ann
Becca, as we call her, is essentially a half sister to CeAnn's old gelding. She had wanted a mare with similar lines to his for years, but they just didn't seem to be available. Like Louie, Becca is quite athletic. Talk about float! This red chestnut mare is a vision to watch when she gets going. She was a show mare of some note in her younger years. Not being breeding sound but still sprightly, Becca has found a new job as a therapy horse for disabled veterans. Who could ask for more than to have this lovely American horse help American soldiers.

And our token geldings

Mythic Mitra
Mitra is a lovely golden horse who lives up to his nickname 'buff boy'! the expectation is that with some training, Mitra will be the one to fill Louie's shoes. It's quite a pair of shoes to fill but this young gelding has the talent to do so, so long as someone doesn't snap him up first that is!

Raidence Prince Louis
(a.k.a. Louie) the wonder gelding. He may be last on the list but he is certainly not least! This horse is one of those very special Morgan's -- the 'do anything' kind of horse, that gives 150% every time, in just about any discipline. He has traveled the country with CeAnn as she moved about before she settled in metro-Washington, DC. This is a picture of Louie being driven by Del dressage at the Lexington Harvest Showcase Driving Show. Photo by Mary Lind, 1994.

Louie is now now in semi-retirement. He's always given 125% to whatever was asked of him. At 26 in 2008, it's time to not ask so much of him.

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