Mythic Morgans

Mythic Foals

These youngsters can be seen here on the farm.
Mythic Honabe pedigree

is the second foal Holly has had for us. She is bay with a connected star, strip and snip on her face. Honabe is well on her way to the 16 hand mark. This lovely mare is very sweet, athletic, and smart. Honabe has been started under saddle and is doing well. This 2000 mare is being retained.

Mythic Larenta pedigree

This 2004 filly is being retained.

Mythic Lasair pedigree

This 2004 filly is for sale.

Mythic Mitra pedigree

This 2005 colt is for sale.

Mythic Nike pedigree

This 2006 filly is for sale.

Mythic Oden pedigree

This 2007 colt is for sale.

These youngsters from our breeding program have gone to new homes.
Mythic Feronia pedigree

is Aladdin's second 'girl', also a 1998 model. She is golden with a star like her mother, but in addition to the star has managed to have a hind sock and two front bracelets. This young girl is going to be one big horse when she gets done growing! Besides being tall, she is wide, deep and solid. She also thinks that she is 'royalty' -- could it be the golden color? Here a picture of Feronia at about 3 months taken by CeAnn in 1998. Feronia is for sale.

Here are some pictures of Feronia's mom. This is where you can see this 'honey' of a horse before her girth started expanding. Photo by Del, 1996. Here is another picture of Honey very late in her pregnancy. Photo by CeAnn, 1998.

Mythic Ki-Lin pedigree

is the second filly from the Aladdin/Espirit cross. She is chestnut with a star and a connected strip and snip. We expect Ki-Lin to mature over 15 hands. She is very feminine yet athletic with lovely, flowing gaits. Here are pictures of Ki-Lin as a weanling. This lovely 2003 filly is sold. Becky Dahlman of Germantown MD is Ki-Lin’s new ‘Mom’.

Mythic Isara pedigree

Visitors always comment on how friendly and cooperative our young stock are, but it is hard to imagine a more perfectly behaved youngster than Isara. She has plenty of spunk when running around the pasture with her brother, but is completely accepting of halter, fly mask, sprays and hoof trimming. She is a well sprung chestnut with an unique disconnected star, strip and snip and a particularly feminine presence. This 2001 filly has gone to Riannan Walsh of East Coventry, PA, who plans a career for Isara in combined training, dressage and pleasure riding.

Mythic Karta pedigree

is the third nice filly we've gotten from the Aladdin/Holly cross. She is bay with a shield shaped star. We expect Karta to mature at close to 16 hands. Like her two older sisters, Karta should be a tremendous athlete, beautiful, correct gaits. Here are pictures of Karta as a weanling. This lovely 2003 filly is sold. Victoria Adraktas of Silver Spring MD is Karta's new 'Mom'.

Mythic Juma pedigree

is BeBe's second foal. This bay colt shouts Morgan from the tip of his ears to the end of his tail. He loves to be with people and wants to be first in line when scratches are being passed out. This 2002 colt has gone to his new mom, Krista Magill of Frederick, Maryland. Juma is Krista’s new dressage mount.

Mythic Indar pedigree

Come see this guy passage! Indar had strong gaits from his first day and has been working out enthusiastically ever since. He is a dark chestnut with a bold star to match his way of going. Congratulations to new Mom, Florence Delaney of Chester Springs, PA. Indar will be Florence's hunter and trail mount as well as her new companion.

Mythic Hemera pedigree

is BeBe's first foal. We have long awaited this cross with Aladdin and this filly is everything we expected and more! She's chestnut with a wide connected star, strip and snip; and a large white stocking on her left hind leg. Hemera is a bright jewel of a filly. She wants to be with people and in the first one to greet anyone who walks into her pasture. Here is a picture of Hemera with her mom at 2 days old taken by CeAnn, 2000. Hemera also likes to canter also by CeAnn, 2000. Hemera wondering being nosey also by CeAnn, 2000. This mare is sold. This lucky mare has two people to love her. Glenna Shawn of Bethesda MD and her daughter Kristin are Hemera's new Moms.

Mythic Galetia pedigree

is the first foal Holly, now a three year old, has had for us. She is bay with a connected star, strip and snip on her face and two hind socks. We expect Galetia to mature at about 16 hands. She is such a tremendous athlete, that even through some of her gawkier growth stages she has maintained her beautiful, flowing gates. Here is a picture of Galetia as a weanling cantering in the field taken by CeAnn in 1999. For a better look at Galetia's cute face and marking taken by CeAnn in 1999. This lovely filly is sold. Chris Aikins of Pennsylvania is Galetia's new 'Mom'.

Mythic Forseti pedigree

is Julie's third foal, foaled in 1998, making him a little brother to both Aladdin and Diana. He is different from his half siblings, though he too wants to always be in your back pocket. He is bay with a few white hairs on his forehead and a white heal marking on his left hind leg. This little guy is so friendly that while he is still small enough, we've had to curtail his desire to rub on people just like a cat. Here is a picture of Forseti at 1 month taken by CeAnn in 1998. Forseti was gelded earlier in 2002 and is sold. Jan Erikson of Kansas is his new 'Mom'

Mythic Freyja pedigree

is Aladdin's first 1998 foal. She is bay, like her mother, with the addition of a star and very cute. Like her father, she has a wonderful personality, loves to be with people and has been very easy to train! This filly is such a love -- sensible, mischievous, precious. Here is a picture of Freyja as a weanling taken by CeAnn in 1998. This lovely filly has sold. Rhonda Gurdian of Maryland is her new 'Mom'.

Mythic Diana pedigree

is our second foal from Julie and is Aladdin's little sister. She's cute as a bug's ear and always in your back pocket. Like her brother, she has personality, personality, personality! She loves to 'talk' to her people. Here is a picture of Diana as a weanling taken by Del in 1996. Here are pictures (all taken by Del in 1998) of Diana as a 2 year old. What a pretty head she has! Not that we are biased or anything, but she has nice conformation too! And she has an airy trot. This lovely filly is for was sold to Janice Jones of Clarksburg Maryland.

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